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  About us  
S.A.M.E. Srl is an Italian leading firm in the production and sale of reflective thermalacoustic insulating materials.

The automation of the production process and the use of first-choice materials assure our customers the achievement of certified high-quality standards for our products.

The company’s technical staff provides support and consulting service for energy efficiency.

All conditions of insulated surface being equal, and even in conditions of smaller covered surface, the performance of the reflective insulations produced by S.A.M.E. is not only equal to, but even better than the performance of the traditional ones, and, moreover, the products branded by S.A.M.E. are sold at competitive price and the customers can benefit from a longer product life and from the unalterable performance over the long term.

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Our products have been certified by the main Italian private labs, among them the Istituto Giordano and the CSI, as well as by the Faculty of Engineering at the Univerity of Perugia. Furthermore, our products have been also certified by other European labs, such as the British NPL Institute, the German Zae Bayern Institute and the French CSTB. All the technical certification are available on paper documents, on cd-rom or downloadable from our website

 The firm has also been selected for the Klimahouse Trend Contest at the Klimahouse exhibition 2010, where the EXTERNAL REFLECTIVE SYSTEM has been awarded as innovative product in the opaque coverings section.



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