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   La certificazione LEED e SA.M.E.  
certificazione LEED
SA.M.E. S.r.l. is a partner of the Green Building Council Italy, the Italian body representing the American USGBC (United States Green Building Council) in Italy.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification was developed in 1999 by the US Green Building Council and is one of the most recognised eco-certification system in the American building industry and has been adopted in many other international markets.

LEED is not a product certification. LEED is a building rating system verified by independent bodies and authorities, which evaluates the environmental, social and economic sustainability of buildings, from the project-planning phase to everyday use.

SA.M.E. insulations as part of the building system as a whole, can contribute to the achievement of LEED points.

LEED evaluates the global performance of a building.

Particularly, it measures and qualify:

- the energy balance of a building. It evaluates the applied measures concerning heating, conditioning, lighting, ACS emission and process energy;

- the relationship between the environment and the building system, from energy supply to the use of the cooling products proved to be less harmful for the atmosphere;

- water efficiency, to encourage a smarter use of water both inside a building and outside it.;

- indoor environmental quality. Among the evaluated parameters there are: COV values, the correct ventilation, thermal and lighting systems and thermal comfort;

- the choice of materials based on their chance to be recycled, on their origin and manufacturing place, that should be near to the project site, on the recycled content and on the use and re-use of certified wooden products;

- the accordance of the site under certification with the surrounding environment, from the first construction phase up to the waste disposal.
  The final rating is calculated adding the scores obtained in any credit category, thus determining the different level of certification achieved:



Il sistema leed
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