SA.M.E isolanti termoacustici riflettenti



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WHY CHOOSING A REFLECTIVE COATING SA.M.E. INSTEAD OF A TRADITIONAL ONE? THERE ARE SEVERAL ADVANTAGES: - MAINTENANCE: Tthe traditional coatings are subject to frequent damages because of weather events (hail,wind), acts of vandalism, accidental shocks. They consequently require frequent maintenance which is not necessary when using a reflective coating, because its rigid covering protects it from the possible damages above described. Thanks to such characteristic the system by SA.M.E. features a significantly longer product life, with a consequent large recovery of the initial investment. - WIDE CHOICE OF FINISHING: the structure of the stanchions allows the installation of several different exterior finishing (such as magnesium oxide, cement slabs, reconstructed stone panels, wood, aluminium, gr�s, etc.) - HIGH MECHANICAL RESISTANCE: the external rigid coating assure the strength of the system. - EASY TO INSTALL: the dry installation system makes the installation easier with the further advantage of being able to operate even in unfavourable climate conditions. - NO CONDENSATION: the air cavities enable the drainage of condensation. - INSULATION INSTALLED IN CONTINUOUS UNITS: the product can be installed without junctions. - LONG PRODUCT LIFE: every component of the system is conceived to assure performance stability over the long term; when it is necessary to inspect the underlying structures it will be possible to remove the single panels easily. - MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS: the stanchions and the insulation are mostly made from recycled materials - NO PLASTER DEMOLITION: the product does not require the demolition of the deteriorated plaster for its installation, thus reducing the consequent costs for disposal and reconstruction. In order to install a traditional coating on a �powdery� support it is necessary to hydroclean the surface thus allowing the glues to properly adhere. When using the external reflective coating by SA.M.E. the conditions of the surface are irrelevant.

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