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(Walls Reflective Airy Insulate)

1. Because the energy savings and efficiency with warm weather is over 40% than traditional ones.

2. Because the value of energy efficiency remains unaltered in time unlike traditional where they tend to decrease.
3. Because if there was a slight higher cost that for the reasons set out in paragraphs 1 and 2, is amortized a very short period.
4. Because you can use in any season as it is unaffected by moisture.
5. Because is not harmful to the health of operators.
6. Because it is environmentally friendly as most of the raw materials are recycled (70%) and is, in turn, recyclable.
7. Because the same energy efficiency occupies less space
8. Neutralization external thermal radiation
9. Blocking heat loss
10. Keep temperature required for the exercise of the activity
11. Technological Evolution
12. Easy to work in the pose
13. Quick to install
14. Hypoallergenic (non-stinging)

The systems SA.M.E. perfectly combine these principles, thanks to the high thermal performance both summer and winter, to the removal of thermal radiation, to their low thickness and their durability.

As evidence of this, reflective insulation systems SA.ME allow the building to be equipped with a casing which guarantees an energy class virtuous and, therefore, to have a strong reduction of the management costs. "

The system P.R.AI. (Walls Reflective Airy Isolate) thermal reflective of the latest generation (international patent SA.ME) helps decisively to create the conditions for an excellent insulation, both in terms of transmittance that phase shift (rejects 96% of solar radiation), in able to prevent heat loss in winter and create a barrier to the passage of the sun in the summer, helping to maintain a healthy indoor climate both in summer and in the winter months.

The system P.R.A.I. (Walls Reflective Airy Isolate) SA.ME used in several and
prestigious construction projects, represents the cutting edge in insulation systems and has received many praise and feedback as a product with strong technological innovation.

SA.ME having the goal to continually offer to the market building and structures evolved design, technological change in line with the regulations and energy saving.

SA.M.E. wants to make a significant contribution to energy efficiency of the home environment and/or working, then the environmental impact, with affordable cost.

The insulating SA.M.E. perfectly combine these principles thanks to the high thermal performance both summer and winter, the acoustic performance, slaughter of thermal radiation, to their low thickness and their durability.

In conclusion, the thermal-acoustic insulation reflecting SA.ME and its system of unventilated wall allows the building to be equipped with a casing that provides a class
virtuous energy and, therefore, to have a significant reduction in operating costs.



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